Local politician caught in coupon scheme steps down

Caught in the midst of a controversial scheme involving a fake coupon passed at the Brookshire’s on North West Avenue, a local politician stepped down Wednesday with apologies for his fraudulently attempting to purchase a package of Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Mix for 49 cents less than the retail price.

Marked originally at $4.29 with tax, the package was turned in at the register along with what appeared to be a coupon for several percents off what the retailer was charging.

However, the coupon proved to be a fake, part of a ring of circulating counterfeit coupons in which the El Dorado Police Department reports a number of local bigwigs and political players may have money and time invested.

The investigation continues, law enforcement said, declining to name the suspected until further evidence can be gathered.

A public apology from the involved politician was issued anonymously to the News-Times early Wednesday morning following his arrest and booking at the Union County Justice Facility. He has been booked under a $100,000 cash-only bond until he can make his first appearance in Union County District Court on Friday where his bond could be listed as high as $2 million cash-only, based upon the severity of the counterfeiting coupon charge.

Within the letter, the politician apologized to the public for his mistake, explaining that he never thought it would go so far as to save those involved an estimated $24.35 over the past year.

“It was never supposed to be this, we just wanted to save a little bit of money,” he said. “My girl started watching ‘Extreme Couponing,’ and I think we just got pulled in too much too quickly.”

Further, he said, “We didn’t realize it was getting out of hand until our savings hit double digits and by then it was too late.”

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2 Responses to Local politician caught in coupon scheme steps down

  1. Rhonda says:

    Is this a spoof? Sounds too ridiculous to be real. Local bigwigs involved? Hard to believe.

  2. Keith Owens says:

    Did you seriously just ask that question? What part of “Satire Wednesday” do you not understand?

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