Obama slipping with Arkansas Independents

Unsurprisingly, Barack Obama is maintaining strong Democratic support while alienating Republicans, however, in a recent poll conducted by Talk Business, the president is now slowly losing points with his Independent base.

Seventy-two percent of Arkansas Democrats approve of the president while 74 and 93 percent of Independents and Republicans disapprove, respectively.

Overall, Obama’s approval status has budged little since the previous poll in September 2011 when he was given a 31.5 percent approval rating, as opposed to his current statewide 32 percent in approval. His approval rating is compared to 63.5 percent who disapprove and 4.5 percent who didn’t know.

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3 Responses to Obama slipping with Arkansas Independents

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    Independents aren’t and never were his base. The hard left of the Democratic party was and is. Obama makes Bill Clinton look like a conservative but that is what the independents thought they were going to get when they last voted for him. And I use the word last because 2008 is going to be the only time they ever vote for him.

    I know Arkansans that have never voted for a Republican in their lives and even they are going to vote for anyone that is run against him.

  2. Ken Hamilton says:

    Barack Obama lost by a huge margin in Arkansas in 2008. He will do so again in 2012.


  3. Keith Owens says:

    Lord help us if he wins in November! Can you imagine the things he will try to push through if he doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected?!?!?!

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