Alleged police car slider arrested after reporting crime

A 23-year-old man was arrested Saturday for damaging an El Dorado police car.

But get this — he was the one who reported the crime, indicating to officers that he saw someone else jumping on the hood of the patrol unit that was parked outside Stars Cinema 6, 2600 W. Hillsboro.

According to a police report, Aaron T. Smith, of 1602 N. Jefferson, approached an officer who was working off-duty security at Stars and told him that a person was jumping on top of the officer’s police car.

The officer said he noticed a dent in the hood of the vehicle and began asking patrons if they had seen the person who had caused the damage.

The officer said the description provided by witnesses fit that of Smith, and during a search, he located Smith inside one of the theaters.

He said he walked Smith to the utility area at the rear of the business, and when Smith was pressed about the incident, he admitted that he “placed his hand on the hood of the (officer’s) vehicle, bore his body weight on that spot, and jumped himself up to perform (a) brief slide across the hood.”

Smith was issued a citation to appear in Union County District Court on April 9.

He was also banned from Stars.

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