Clooney announces presidential run

Actor turned human rights activist turned political advocate George Clooney is attempting to add another cap to his already rapidly growing hat collection: President.

Mirroring his recent role in “The Ides of March,” where he plays a presidential candidate in the cast of 2008 Barack Obama, inspired by dreams of change and touting his vision to the country, Clooney announced Wednesday his intention to run against the man who inspired his newest movie on the campaign trail.

Enthused with the press release, ladies wearing “I love you, George,” “Marry me, George” and flouting his multiple “People” magazine covers for Sexiest Man Alive, flanked the red carpet as Clooney took the stand in Hollywood where he made his announcement.

The decision followed his recent arrest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C. where he was among a number of protesters, Clooney said.

“Too long has our government been complacent about international emergencies,” he said. “I want to do something to change that.”

A “Clooney 2012” backdrop held the predominantly female audience captive as he went on to explain other campaign promises including bringing on other Sexy Man Brad Pitt as his running mate — almost instantaneously securing the coveted homemaker vote across the national board.

Clooney will face off against Obama in the May 22 democratic primary. Rumored campaign advisors include Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Johnny Depp who, though young, “will bring a certain sexiness to the campaign that George can’t do all on his own,” according to a source close to the campaign speaking on the condition of anonymity.

“We tried Charlie Sheen first,” the source said. “We thought it’d be best for George to give him a ‘winning’ chance, but the rules at those rehab centers are real strict.”

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  1. Ken Hamilton says:

    As long as George lets Dan Tyminski do his singing for him. :)

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