Mellor Park Mall to receive a makeover

Kimberly Florsheim, of Keller Williams Realty-Parishwide Partners, confirmed this morning that she’s taken over management of the long-neglected Mellor Park Mall and has plans for bringing business back to its quiet halls.

Florsheim, the wife of Henry Florsheim, president and CEO of the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, advised that she won’t release any details publicly until her plans have been solidified.

What changes would you like to see at the mall?

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23 Responses to Mellor Park Mall to receive a makeover

  1. nikki says:

    Something for the kids

  2. Tonya says:

    Torn down and rebuilt. It needs so much work that rebuilding would probably be more cost-effective.

  3. Carla Nason says:

    Well, it’s about time that the wealthy business people of El Dorado started taking pride in this town!

    I was just home this past weekend and almost cried when I saw how bad the mall looked. When I was young, Mellor Park Mall was a beautiful place to shop and holds such nice memories for me. WalMart, The El Dorado House, JC Penney, and M M Cohn were the flagship stores that held it together. While the other home owned stores like Sue Mason’s and Rollow’s added to the charm that was El Dorado. The former owners and managers have let it fall apart. Unfortunately, all they saw were dollar signs. They did not see the people who made that mall a thriving entity in this community. They raised the rent prices on these stores every year and ended up driving them out. I hope that the old owners lost their shirts in the process!!! They deserve that for what they did to the community business owners.

    I am happy to see that a “hometown” person is going to take this over and I hope and pray that she brings it back to it’s former glory days and beyond. Mrs. Florsheim, please remember what this mall used to be and do your best to make it even better!!! Help bring El Dorado back to life!!!

  4. Clarissa Milner says:

    Obviously a major overhaul is needed if ANY retailers are going to be drawn to the mall. Businesses that fill a gap in South Arkansas should be the first priority. Putting in another discount store or gift shop will not bring the mall back to life. Stores that people travel to Little Rock or Monroe to visit are what this area needs: Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, Kohl’s, etc.

  5. Brian says:

    You mean, besides tear it down?

    I kid, I kid…. somewhat.

    Seriously though. The building itself needs a lot of work before you start bringing new tenants in. And unless you get a new major anchor store to sign on, you might try talking JC Penney into moving to the “front” of the mall.

  6. Trish says:

    The man that owns the mall will never spend one dime unless his lawyer tells him he has to. Until that mall is sold to someone who cares about El Dorado, nothing will change. Good luck to Mrs. Florsheim!

  7. Brian Welch says:

    The mall needs to be torned down and rebuild it as an outlet mall put Target JC Penney Kohls Old Navy etc. That would be a good way to have a nice gateway into town

  8. Cathy says:

    I agree! It will be a miracle if the owner makes any move to bring the mall back to life . He is responsible for its demise! And at this point it will require money to make it attractive to new business (& reasonable rental fees.) I also agree that the best scenario would be Kohl’s, Bath & Body Works, Children’s Place, Carters, etc. I applaud the change in management & hope for cooperation that brings new life to our mall!

  9. Ummm says:

    I think a Dillards and Cheese Cake Factory would be great.

  10. Keith Owens says:

    Mrs. Florsheim has the best of intentions I’m sure, but she’ll not make any progress under current ownership! I used to have a store there and had to withhold rent in order to get him to install new AC units (the others were beyond repair) and a bathroom in my space. After WalMart pulled out, I was struggling and needed to move to a smaller space in order to stay afloat. He refused my request and several months later, upon learning of my bankruptcy filing, commented that he thought I was just bluffing to get cheaper rent! If you talk to other former store owners, I’m sure that you will get similar stories – BTW, my store was named Sports Stuff and it was between Zales and Radio Shack.

  11. Brandy says:

    It saddens me to see our mall look the way it does! We lose money by driving to other cities and states to shop in their nice and more accommodating malls! We need a mall that will can help build up our economy. By adding more shops, booths, a food court, and a children’s area our community will be able to grow! Bring jobs into the community and money! I think that fixing and repairing the mall is an wonderful idea!!! I hope that everyone that is needed to make this decision happen gets on board!

  12. Vicky says:

    I remember your store Keith. I was going to tell the tale but see you beat me to it. ( we were in computer classes together when that happened)
    I would just like to see the building fixed up so businesses will rent again, and reopen their interior doors so you can walk the mall inside shopping. And fixing the roof would be nice.

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  14. Teri says:

    Remodel and update and either / or bring in Local Business owners or a Target, Outlet Mall, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body, T J Max, Factory Outlet Mall, Khol’s, Dillards, A few food Courts, such as Original Cookie, Cheese Cake, Pizza, Chelsea Street, Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond, American Eagle, Gap, Old Navy, Sams, etc…

  15. Brandy says:

    When i was a child my parents took me to the mall and it was amazing!!!! Now I’m grown with a teen of my own. Last fall I made the trip to see my dad which is 5 hrs away from me. I decided to make it a girls day out and took my girl to the “old” mall. When I walked inside I instantly remembered the fountain,which was beautiful and mesmerizing back in its day. I almost cried when I saw the emptiness!!!! I remember people elbow to elbow! I’m comming back in apx a month to visit again. I would love to see some action being taken in restoring this relic to its former glory so I can share the memories with my daughter. And I would love to see the original fountain in working order and as beautiful as it use to be. The kids were always huddled around it in amazement. I’d love to see the new generation doing the same! Thanks again.

  16. Nicole Hayes says:

    That’s great they should bring Rue 21, Rainbow, Target, Dillard’s, chuck e cheese, etc.

  17. Diana says:

    I would like to see it better then it is hopefully have a build a bear in there and other stores that every other mall has.

  18. Shannon says:

    A Hobby Shop would be fun!

  19. Mack Ballard says:

    The doctor from Indianapolis that owns the facility has not wanted Clients in the mall. It has been a tax write off for him for years. He has never even been reliable in paying his bills for work done there and had to be called repeatedly to make payment. And you are right, it is in such bad condition that it will cost a fortune to bring it up to standards to which new businesses woul be willing to pay rent for.
    Don’t trust this foreigner to spend any money on the place. If you don’t know it there have been many mall managers who have worked there over the last 15-20 years and they haven’t stayed long because they can’t get anything done. NO MONEY. It’s a lost cause. It’s a tax write off for wealthy foreigner in Indianapolis, Indiana who blames the problem on not being able to hire a manager competent enough to manage the property. Sit back and watch. I wish Kimberly all the best but I afraid she too will become frustrated with the job when there is no financial support from the owner.

  20. Donna says:

    Coming fom an extra large metrpolitan area, myself, I’ve lived in El Dorado for 15 years now and I have learned not to believe it until you see it.

    The mall, if that’s what you choose to call it, is in extreme disrepair and desperately just needs to be bulldozed. If they choose to rebuild it, so be it, but again, and I’m one of the most optimist people I know, but learn they way I’ve seen it the last 15 years…..don’t believe it until you actually see it, and while Ms. Florsheim may have the best intentions, but unless something is done to update or rebuild the mall, no amount of “new” management will bring stores in. stores in. What’s the saying, “if you build it, they will come.” Pfffft…..not in El Dorado!

    Good luck with all that!

  21. Chris Harlow says:

    I lived in ELDORADO til’97 held plenty of jobs on i
    E in particular was Kroger I’d go to mellor park mall on my break and it was awful boring no businesses they barely kept it clean just disgusting its sad I’m a Hugh mall rat I love malls but if that’s what that stupid Arabian fart face for lack of better word calls a mall he’s sadly mistaken.mellor park mall needs a major face lift and revamp if its current mgr can’t accomplish this using current ownership then perhaps may be he/she as the case may be should purchase the facility and re vitalize re brand and re model the mall back to its glory days.ReVIbe mellor park mall and REVAMP El dorado. New businesses would be a big PLUS but again if your facility ain’t up to par then businesses won’t survive and they will ultimately die and so will your mall. Take note ms mgr or mr mgr re vamp or die

  22. Chris Harlow says:

    How much do you want for mellor park mall hibbib? Lol seriously fix it up bring business in or fall on your fucking face this my mall here in Fay nwa mall is not as lively as It could be but its full of life and opportunity it’s problem is they r just stupid but that nwa mall As FOR M P M ms or mr mgr call beyer properties I will supply the number or email address of needed offer it up to them to purchase and bring back to life this makes Hibbib money and brings back to Eldorado what truly is ELDORADO’S and a piece if her rich history why must nwa kill off south ark when ELDORADO can thrive and put nwa and Monroe and even west Monroe and all of NE Louisiana to shame same can be done to central arkansas and Pulaski county especially Lr And NLR.South Ark You CAN SHINE BIG AND BEAUTIFUL don’t let your great businesses die and kill you CIME BACK TO LIFE AND I WILL COME BACK To you.Like Kayz nowKIXB identified its self as A South ARKANSAS habit that is true and that’s you EL DORADO this is your time to shine fix your mall and this will happen do nothing and be wiped off the face of the earth the choice is yours LIVE or DIE

  23. Chris Harlow says:

    Note the last post made by me is not meant as terroristic threatening its just me making a statement of fact and stating my opinion very sad but true. Please don’t take it wrong. This is a Psa brought to you by benton co

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