LIT to become “Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport”

The Little Rock National Airport was renamed this morning the “Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport” following a unanimous vote by the municipal airport commission.

All runways and aeronautical operations units will retain the name Adams Field in remembrance of Arkansas National Guard Capt. George Geyer Adams who was a Little Rock alderman later killed in the line of duty in the late 1930s.

According to Arkansas News, the decision will need approval from the Federal Aviation Administration before the airport can begin switching up its signage in light of the decision.

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2 Responses to LIT to become “Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport”

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    Bill I can understand, I don’t agree with but understand. He was the President of the US. But Hillary, really?

  2. vivian freeland says:

    geez, why a name like that for a nice airport. why not name it the CLINTON airport. not Bill and Hillary clinton.The Clinton airport sure sounds much bedtter then Bill and HILLARY. Personally, I wouldnt name anything Hillary

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