Trolley lands in Shreveport, passengers pleasantly surprised

A group of business leaders applauded El Dorado’s newest economic venture, the $56,000 trolley, after the inaugural trip to the El Dorado Conference Center for an annual gathering inadvertently landed them at the boats in Shreveport, La.

Several of the group from Dallas, Texas, confirmed that the trolley took a few wrong turns from their hotel on Hillsboro and instead found its way to the middle of Louisiana, pleasantly surprising the group which advised that it hadn’t been looking forward to a day of lectures and guest speakers anyway.

A planned day of meetings and drudgery Tuesday was ultimately passed flinging cards, smoking cigars and drinking martinis in Louisiana’s party town before the slightly hungover and somewhat richer group was bussed back to El Dorado in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Despite the unexpected change in plans, the group was thrilled.

“You mean we got a DD, and we didn’t even have to pay for it?” asked Tom Lewis, the group’s managing supervisor. “Sweet!”

He added, “I must say, I was a little confused when we headed over the state line but I thought maybe we were taking a shortcut to the conference center. When we pulled up to the boats I figured El Dorado was just trying to show us a good time.”

Music fanatics, including longtime El Dorado resident Brittany Moss, are already preparing for the 2012 Music Fest with enthusiasm and hoping for an opportunity to hop on the trolley to and from the event.

“Who knows? Maybe this time we’ll end up at Bonnaroo!” she said.

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2 Responses to Trolley lands in Shreveport, passengers pleasantly surprised

  1. The Lone Reader says:

    The trolley was a silly idea. Here is what El Dorado needs.

  2. Two wheel therapy says:

    Love it !!!!

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