“Real Housewives” coming to El Dorado

El Dorado will soon dip into the treasure trove that is reality TV with the premiere of “The Real Housewives of El Dorado” in May 2013, according to a release from the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, which has been tapped as the official casting agency.

According to the release, the show will center on the lives of five area women: a Main Street developer, a local politician, the wife of an oil tycoon, a struggling single mom and a gossipy hairdresser.

“We’re real excited about this opportunity to showcase the best of the best among El Dorado’s real citizenry,” stated the release. “The show will be tastefully done, but will, of course, continue all the drama and excitement of ‘The Real Housewives…’ series.”

Enthusiastic verbal battles will highlight the premiere which is rumored to feature notable local bigwigs and their wives as they prepare for a summer in El Dorado. True to the series’ tone, in-fighting, plastic surgery, shopping sprees and all the lavishness of an El Dorado lifestyle will overshadow the ladies throughout the season, which is expected to last through September 2013.

“Real Housewives” developers will begin filming in May of this year with a target date of Jan. 12, 2013, to finish up production, according to the release. Casting crews will continue through April of this year to seek out interesting locals to add to the scene of the show.

On the list of potential locals being scouted for the show are the heads of several local municipalities, an exuberant radio show host and a number of beefy weightlifters.

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6 Responses to “Real Housewives” coming to El Dorado

  1. The lone reader says:

    Thank God it’s Wednesday. But it isn’t like El Dorado could be made to look any worse than DC, NJ, OC and the other assorted cities that showed what I can only hope are the worst examples of their wives.

  2. REally says:


  3. Teresa Davis says:

    If you are looking for extras for the show and want someone who is just south of the Arkansas state line I would love to be an extra. You can drop me a line at [address]. I’m a 43 year old single parent of a three year old girl.

  4. Admin says:

    As much as we appreciate your enthusiasm, Teresa, this is a satire piece (we run them every Wednesday) and meant to make fun of the TV show. “The Real Housewives” series isn’t coming to El Dorado.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Lele says:

    That would have really made eldorado!! Lol. It would have been the laughing stock of the whole country, it would have been as trashy as the otber ones, not a bad idea though!!!

  6. patty coke says:

    If you can use me iam a single parent to a 11 year pld special needs boy. email me at hee mail address above~

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