Municipal league to represent Huttig mayor in $208K lawsuit

Though Huttig Mayor Tony Cole hasn’t responded to any inquiries over the last several months from the News-Times, the Arkansas Municipal League confirmed today that it will represent the mayor in a $208,000 lawsuit that alleges several breaches resulting from the November August 2011 termination of former Huttig Chief of Police Byron Sartor.

Mark Hayes, municipal league general counsel, will take point in the representation with multiple defenses including one that alleges the contract under which Sartor was hired is invalid based on constitutional and statutory themes.

When Cole was served by the Union County Sheriff’s Office in late January with the temporary restraining order and lawsuit he was given 20 days to respond, said Marjorie Rogers, of the Little Rock James Law Firm, who will act as Sartor’s representation.

Hayes said Tuesday that the answer was filed in a state court and the case removed to a federal court. The discovery process will follow, he added.

During the pending suit, Cole has been instructed not to answer any inquires from the News-Times, Hayes said.

More to come as it becomes available to the News-Times.

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