Chidester man illegally dumps puppies at UCAPS

Union County deputies are seeking a man out of Chidester who allegedly dumped six puppies at the Union County Animal Protection Society Monday evening and then drove off, according to a Union County Sheriff’s Office report.

A UCAPS board member was closing for the day when a black man and woman approached in their vehicle and asked if the shelter needed any puppies. The board member told them the shelter was closed for the day but the two could return in the morning, according to the report.

However, due to her suspicions that the man would dump the puppies at the gate after she left, the board member said she backed her vehicle into a side gravel road where she could watch the suspect.

“Upon doing so, [the board member] stated she observed the subject began unloading the van full of puppies at the closed gates,” stated the report. “After doing so, [the board member] stated the vehicle then began to leave but not before she was able to obtain a license plate number.”

The license plate number came back to a man out of Chidester, according to the report. He had not been located at the time of the report.

Of the six abandoned puppies, one appeared to be “suffering severely from an unknown illness,” stated the report.

The board member was advised to take pictures and speak with 13th Judicial Prosecuting Attorney Robin Carroll regarding the matter.

UPDATE: We received word from Tanja Jackson, UCAPS manager, that there were actually eight puppies discovered at the scene and the one described by the UCSO as “suffering severely from an unknown illness” has two broken legs.

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9 Responses to Chidester man illegally dumps puppies at UCAPS

  1. alex says:

    The puppy with the broken legs, Casey, went into cardiac arrest and died Wednesday evening. Such a sad story.

  2. Admin says:

    That is incredibly sad. Poor baby.

  3. Namechangedtoprotecttheinnocent! says:

    I have mixed emotions about this. First of all, if this article is accurate, then the first initial rumors aren’t,,,,that the puppies had been thrown out of a moving vehicle as it drove by. It sounds like these poor people were trying to help these puppies by taking them to a shelter, but found out when they got there, as I have myself several times, that UCAPS couldn’t, or wouldn’t help. I understand that they have cameras in place and that it is illegal to dump animals at their gate, but the majority of people have good hearts, and no extra money to pay the “drop off fee” for the animals, there’s something really wrong with this system. One of the times I called about bringing a animal in, I had to listen to the most ridiculous spill about how when I myself made the decision to pick a puppy up off the side of the road and take it to a shelter, that at that point, I was assuming responsibility for the dog, and I was the one that should take care of it, not bring it to a shelter, since it was now considered my dog……… was ridiculous. I have several other accounts of very disappointing encounters with UCAPS, I can say that they have never helped me out. And before you start bashing me, I’m well aware of how hard it is to do what they do, but it is what it is…………’s not working. Back to the original story though, I think everyone should take a step back and reconsider how they feel about this couple “dumping” puppies at UCAPS’s gate, as opposed to the original “rumor’s” that they were thrown from a moving vehicle. Perhaps they cared for the puppies until the one got hurt, realized they couldn’t pay to help it, and took them, ALL THE WAY FROM CHIDESTER, to a shelter for help, only to be, as I have several times, turned away. Maybe the most they could do for the puppies was leave them at the gate and hope UCAPS would take them in……………………………..?

  4. michelle says:

    I live in the country where people dump dogs and puppies very frequently. I’m glad this guy actually took the pups to UCAPS. The Lady closing should’ve went ahead and done what was needed to take the pups. (seeing how she hung around anyways)

  5. AFM says:

    Not to sound like this thread has become a “lets all bash UCAPS” but times in the past when a strange dog shows up at our door without a collar or owner information (most likely dumped near our rural home- but this also happened when we lived in the El Dorado City Limits) we have contacted UCAPS only to be told, “We don’t take (insert type of dog here).” What to do? VERY frustrating. Lets not forget public funds (tax dollars) go to fund a portion of UCAPS operating expenses coupled with private donations. They should be more flexible with stray animals, after all the are the Union County Animal PROTECTION Society, aren’t they?

    I do know of good things UCAPS does. I have no idea all their rules and regulations, but I have seen good things they have done as well. I don’t want to come across as so all these comments are made to bash all the people who donate their time and efforts to helping animals. I just wish when we want to help the animals they should be more considerate of our wishes and limitations with the animals as well.

  6. Namechangedtoprotecttheinnocent! says:

    I’m not trying to bash UCAPS at all, I know they do some good on a regular basis, but sometimes the bad outweighs the good. Like I said, since they’ve been around I’ve tried to bring several animals in throughout the years, only to be turned away, and when I got the ridiculous spill from the lady about how the stray dog becamse mine as soon as I decided to “assume responsibility for it by laying my hands on it” when I picked the puppy up out of the middle of the highway and tried to take it to UCAPS, I pretty much got a bad permenant taste in my mouth for them. I’ve heard now that there’s like a $25 drop-off fee when you take a stray there, so for this couple, who I “ASSUME” isn’t very “well to do”, that would be $200? I just wanted people to stop for a minute and look at ALL the facts, these people drove all the way from Chidester to a animal shelter to try and help these puppies, and no one at the shelter had time to help these puppies, so maybe they’re wrong in leaving the puppies at the gate and forcing “the animal shelter” to deal with the problem, but it seems to me that that’s about how you have to do it. The system just isn’t working very well. But that’s a whole different can of worms……go easy on these people, the initial rumors that they threw the puppies out of a moving vehicle onto the pavement obviously isn’t true, so the people all over cyberspace chanting “KILL KILL KILL” need to chill chill chill….

  7. Namechangedtoprotecttheinnocent! says:

    ps. the more I re-read all this, and the post, the madder I’m getting. The lady was there “closing for the day”, and told them people “from Chidester” to come back tomorrow??? OMG, just stay a few minutes longer and do your job……… do “care” enough to work at a shelter after all, right??? And now you want to prosecute the people to took the time to “do their part” in helping the animals…………(sighs)

  8. Ken Hamilton says:

    People need to be educated about the importance of two words when it comes to dogs and cats. Those two words are spay and neuter.

  9. rootworker says:

    America needs to address the problem at the root, as you do in all problems if you want to eradicate them. Spay and neutering is the answer, but it’s not working, obviously, as is evident by this story. To date, the shelters, the volunteers, the discount vet services, the information, etc….it isn’t working. Why? what would be the root of eradicating this problem, even more than the obvious spay and neuter? The answer is funding, or donation, or,,,,,, let me get to the point, the veterinarians of America should donate the service for free so that everyone would be willing to bring the animals in for the surgery,,,,,they have plenty of other ways to support themselves. Yes, it might put a dent in their pocketbook, but it would end the problem of the unwanted animals in America………many businesses donate their services for free to help eradicate problems, doctors work for free on missionary trips all the time. Americas veterinarians are the answer, offering this service free,,,, it’s unheard of? yes, but think about it, make it a new idea and like a lot of other new ideas, it could change the world, no more stories like this, no more awful sad pics of eyes behind cage bars for life……..STEP UP VETS OF AMERICA, its only a fraction of your paycheck, and we already have all kinds of funding in place to help make it more affordable so that the vets can do it at a discount rate, but again, ITS NOT WORKING!, COME ON VETS!!!! LETS DO THIS!!!!!

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