Horses seized from Calion

Three horses were seized from a Calion residence this weekend after a Union County deputy responded to a complaint and found the animals emaciated and tied to various objects in the backyard, according to a Union County Sheriff’s Office report.

The deputy noted that the residence appeared to have been vacant for some time and that the horses looked “underweight and malnourished” — an assessment later confirmed by a volunteer with Union County Animal Protection Society.

All three were tied to lead ropes reaching anywhere from 3-15 feet and “they were standing in mud and it was apparent had been for some time,” according to the report.

Further, “Wet hay was scattered around the ground, but it was apparent the horses couldn’t reach all the hay. It was noted to be wet, muddy and covered in fecal matter.”

Though the horses did have nearby water, they didn’t have access to any shelter from bad weather, the deputy noted.

Investigation revealed that the property belongs to an inmate at Union County Jail who told the deputy that in the four months he’s been incarcerated he hasn’t given anyone permission to keep horses in the backyard.

When the inmate was unable to find a relative to inquire about the horses he said he would surrender them because he can’t care for them himself. A volunteer from UCAPS later arrived and confirmed the horses’ dire situation.

The UCAPS volunteer took the horses in and provided them with basic needs including food, water and a dry area, according to the report.

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