Cole lawsuit in limbo after paperwork served

Marjorie Rogers, of James Law Firm in Little Rock, confirmed this afternoon that Huttig Mayor Tony Cole was served last week with lawsuit paperwork on behalf of former Huttig Police Chief Byron Sartor.

Sartor alleges that Cole breached a previously-agreed upon employment contract, committed an abuse of process, violated the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and ignored provisions within provisions within the Arkansas State Constitution and the Fifth and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution that guarantee all persons the right to enjoy and defend life, and liberty, of acquiring, possessing and protecting property.

Rogers said Cole was served last week by the Union County Sheriff’s Office after he failed to pick up the documents which had been mailed to him. She was unsure of the specific date of service but explained that Cole now has 20 days to respond to the suit before she files a motion of summary judgment on behalf of her client.

Cole did not return two calls for comment to Huttig City Hall and his cell phone.

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