Ambiguous abortion amendment shot down by attorney general

The second in a pair of ambiguously-worded amendments to the Arkansas Constitution that would ban most abortions in the state was turned down by Attorney General Dustin McDaniel today, according to Arkansas News.

The revised version, submitted by Personhood Arkansas and subsequently rejected, had the same confusing and biased language as the previous version, McDaniel said.

Within the newest version of the amendment, the Constitution would be altered to state “each innocent human being, at every stage of development, (is) a person with the right to life” and would prohibit abortion but would allow “life-saving medical treatment.”

McDaniel deemed “innocent,” “person” and “life-saving medical treatment” in an effort to save the hypothetical mother’s life to be too unclear to include within the state constitution.

He added that the amendment could prove a possible conflict with the Roe v. Wade decision which constitutionally protects a woman’s right to abortion.

Preston Dunn Jr. of Blytheville, president of Personhood Arkansas, said the group plans to revise and resubmit the amendment.

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