ASP to head up Hux investigation

The Arkansas State Police will take point in the investigation into the shooting death of Donald Hux Sunday evening following a standoff with Union County deputies after Hux reportedly kidnapped and then killed his ex-wife.

ASP spokesperson Bill Sadler said this morning the criminal investigations division will look into whether the situation necessitated the “use of force” that led to Hux’s death.

The News-Times is currently waiting on a release of the sequence of events that led to the two deaths on Parnell Road last night. However, Union County Sheriff Mike McGough just confirmed that Hux first shot Huckabee before deputies shot him.

Prior to the standoff, Hux was also wanted in connection with an attack that resulted in the death of Sandy Carl Huckabee, Amy Huckabee’s new husband, earlier in the day.

More in tomorrow’s News-Times.

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12 Responses to ASP to head up Hux investigation

  1. Eagle says:

    It’s better the way it ended than dragging it through court.

  2. DanyellHe killed his brother in 91. His mother told the police he did it then recanted on the stand. says:

    This is not all that this man is responsible for doing. He was a terrorist, and should have been locked up. He killed his brother, Alan Hux, with a gun back in 1991. His mother told the police he did it then recanted on the stand. He sister is also dead, and he bragged to a friend that he helped her kill herself. The man was mentally insane. At one point, I guess his parents decided that having one son was better than no children at all. The excuses they made for him, and always bailing him out of trouble is what led to this!!!

  3. AFM says:

    Eagle I’m not quite sure I buy your statement, although I do realize the judicial system has let down many, many people including the victims and their children in this particular case. Nobody wanted him to kill another innocent person. Nobody wanted the deputies to be put in that position to have to use deadly force. Although I said that to say this: Praise the Lord ALL the Law Enforcement Officers involved in the manhunt and final chapter in this long and horrible history that is Donnie Hux made it home safely. Anyone who has followed Hux and his numerous brushes with the judicial system and law enforcement over the last 20+ years knew he wouldn’t surrender. One good thing that came out of this was that Hux dropped his children off and did not injure them. Yes, they will forever live with this trauma, but they are alive and uninjured.

    Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement officers wanted this to end peacefully. They did not go out on a witch-hunt or for a bounty on this man’s life. They wanted to protect Amy and the rest of the citizen’s of Union County. Sadly they did all they could have done for Amy. Dozens of officers, agencies, and concerned community members searched high and low for Amy and Hux all day. They knew he would not go peacefully when located. They knew there would more than likely be more bloodshed. They even knew it may be their blood that was shed. Yet, they stayed diligent and stayed the course. They did not give it a second thought. They didn’t go home sick or hide somewhere away from the action. The citizen’s of this county should be proud of all law enforcement officers and agencies involved in this particular case. For this they should be commended and not second guessed or arm-chair quarterbacked. It was not them that let Amy down, let us remember it was Donnie and ultimately the judicial system that failed her and Mr. Huckabee.

    I am proud to live in this county and proud we have these men and women who suit up to keep us and our property safe everyday. I will pray for them as this will ultimately be hard on them, their personal life, and maybe even their financial future as usually a civil case always is filed on behalf of some long lost family member that wants to get rich quick. Guys, I am proud of you. Please understand you did all you could do. I know all of you involved and support all of your actions in bringing this murderous rampage to an end. You will remain in my prayers along with Amy, her children, and the Huckabee and Hux family.

  4. Amanda says:

    The force was not “excessive” enough. They should have shot him the minute they saw him and not given him the chance to shoot her!!!!!! They already knew everyone was in immediate danger.

  5. AFM says:

    Let the quarterbacks tell ‘em how to do their jobs. I’m sure Donnie’s mom and dad would have loved the armed vigilantes to roll up and start blasting. Had they done that, and violated every ethical and legal law in the land, and an innocent bystander like Amy got killed- then what? Can’t hit rewind and get the instant replay. These officers are human beings as well. They don’t deserve to have people like you on the sideline (who I’m sure by your comments have never played in the game) to second guess their actions. Did Donnie deserve what you wanted to happen? From all accounts YES! These officers need our support now more than ever. I’m sure the events will haunt them for years to come.

  6. Jessica says:

    AFM I totally agree.
    This is not a time for the could haves and should haves. The situation was handled very professionally and all was done that could have been. This is a time for prayers and support for the officers, families, and children of this horrific tragedy.

  7. Keith Owens says:

    I would like to see the News-Times do a follow up article on Hux’s past.

    He shot and killed his older brother when he was a teenager. His brother was trying to sleep (worked shift work) and Donald was riding the 3-wheeler around making a lot of noise. His brother’s wife came out and told him to get off the 3-wheeler, which he refused to do. Finally, his brother woke up and demanded that Donald get off the 3-wheeler. Donald got off the 3-wheeler and proceeded to go get a rifle and shoot his brother. His mother confessed to this story and then later recanted her testimony. The parents then hired high-priced attorneys who claimed that Donald had Tourette’s Syndrome and didn’t know what he was doing.

    The above story is what has been told to me by several people who knew Donald and his family. Please investigate this and find out if it is true!

    If it is true, then he should have been locked up for life and none of this would have ever happened!

  8. Admin says:

    That’s a good idea, Mr. Owens. I’ll pitch it to the editor and see what he says.

  9. Concerned says:

    The police did their job, period. And if Donnie’s father would have called them when Donnie showed up at 1AM Sunday morning to get his truck and a gun out of the garage, Sandy & Amy may have been spared. His father didn’t call police till after walking the 3 kids in the house at around 6AM with their mother screaming for them from in the truck. In fact, he didn’t call police until after he gave the kids their Christmas gifts. When Donnie was spotted later in the day in another vehicle police returned to the Hux’s and asked if Donnie had swapped vehicles, Mr Hux said “yes” but he hadn’t reported that little tid-bit of information because he was afraid police would kill his son. I think the police need to finish the job and arrest Mr. Hux for accessory to murder!

  10. Concerned says:

    I would also like to see a follow-up article on Donnie Hux’s past. Should be interesting!

  11. Amanda says:

    My comment was intended to point out that the idea of investigating whether the “use of force” was necessary is a waste of time and money because it was more than necessary. I was not trying to be a “quarterback.” As for Hux’s parents, I don’t really care. They allowed him multiple times in his life to get away with horrible crimes. They could have probably saved his life if they had sent him to jail when he killed his brother. It’s awful for them that they lost two children prior to this current tragedy, but that does not excuse their enabling of him. I agree with the other post here that his father should be charged with a crime as well.

  12. Keith Owens says:

    I also found out that Donnie’s sister died of “mysterious circumstances” two years before Donnie killed his brother.

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