Council, court vote for beetles

With fiscal year 2012 in full swing and their respective budgets already a concern for the city aldermen and county justices of the peace, representatives of the two local governments voted today to dispense of all agency vehicles in lieu of beetles and carpooling.

According to a release from El Dorado Mayor Frank Hash and Union County Judge Mike Loftin, the budget has long been a tightening problem and with few cutting options available, the two mutually agreed to sell each municipality’s vehicles and purchase a common fleet of Volkswagen beetles.

The move isn’t one taken lightly, the mayor and judge said.

“We’ve thought long and hard about this,” the two, each in his second year as an elected official, wrote. “But this is the only way we can think of trimming some of that fat from the budget.”

They continued, “In years past we put the budget on a diet, but this year we’ve firmly resolved to get down to a manageable target weight.”

Estimates by the county treasurer’s office put the savings at $3 million per municipality after all vehicles are sold and $1 million worth of bugs are purchased.

Each of the 38 beetles will hold at least 12 employees from the city or county who are expected to travel to Las Vegas within the next month to train with contortionists at Cirque de Soleil. The weekend conference will require every employee to learn the complex positions they’ll be required to cram themselves into within the miniature vehicles, according to the release.

Further, Hash and Loftin stated, the red-nosed, white-faced, enormous-shoed traditional clown attire won’t be required, but will be optional.

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  1. Rubi says:

    It could work!

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