Few updates into the Williams, Patterson investigations

Investigations surrounding the unrelated deaths of Brian Williams and Thomas Lake Patterson are still pending at the Union County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Bill Hickman said this morning.

The body of Williams, formerly an inmate at Union County Jail, was found several days after he was taken into custody on an outstanding bench warrant. According to autopsy results from the Arkansas State Crime Lab, he died of acute peritonitis and ischemic bowel resulting from the stress of methamphetamine on a preexisting heart condition.

Reiterating his update in November, Hickman said UCSO investigators are still attempting to locate one last person they suspect was involved in Williams’ drug use prior to his admittance to jail in September 2011.

Also pending is the investigation into the hit and run death of Thomas Lake Patterson whose body was found on Morning Star Road in June 2011.

The chief deputy said the two suspects who volunteered to take polygraph tests both passed. However when asked if this exonerated them, Hickman said, “Well that’s a tricky question.”

Between Editions will continue to bring updates as they come.

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8 Responses to Few updates into the Williams, Patterson investigations

  1. Ana Nimmus says:

    “Third arrest made”??? Someone is beyond incompetent.

  2. AFM says:

    I really hate to agree with such a comment, but it indeed read as if a third arrest (not arrest warrant) had taken place. This lead headline readers to assume that the three perps were in custody, but that is not the case. Hopefully soon though they will be. To follow that up I say, nobody is perfect. Yep a word was left out, but if you took the time to read the article it became apparent of the error.

  3. Rubi says:

    Was someone arrested or just 2 suspects interviewed and a third being sought for an interview?

  4. Ana Nimmus says:


  5. Admin says:

    We have a new night editor who is still learning the ropes, but I do apologize on his behalf for the “third arrest made” mistake. I’m not sure where “vitol” fills in. Can you help me out, Ana?

    Rubi, they’re discussing a headline mistake in the print edition of the newspaper.

    For the blog, a final suspect is being sought in the Brian Williams case who might be able to provide more information about the drug use prior to his death. Williams was an inmate at Union County Jail when he died of acute peritonitis and ischemic bowel, conditions exacerbated by the stress meth put on his bad heart.

    In the case of Lake Patterson — a hit and run victim — investigators gave polygraph tests to two suspects who both passed.

    No arrests have been made in either case and the investigations continue, according to the sheriff’s office.

  6. Ana Nimmus says:

    “vitol” was another headline misspelling sunday, bottom of front page of inner section

  7. Admin says:

    The managing editor has been made aware of the mistake. Thank you.

  8. Lisa Patterson says:

    Still no arrests or much progress on my brother’s case. I don’t even think the UCSO thinks about it any more. No justice for anyone if there isn’t justice for one.

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