Suddenlink poised to lose KALB, KNOE and KAQY

Pending the approaching expiration date of a contract with Hoak Media and a generously increased pay rate, Suddenlink could soon lose the right to carry several local TV stations, according to a representative with Suddenlink.

The contract with Hoak Media will expire at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, entering the New Year and with it Suddenlink will no longer be able to offer KALB, KNOE and KAQY.

KNOE is based out of Monroe, La., and is a CBS affiliate that also carries the CW on digital, and KAQY is based out of Columbia, La., and is an ABC affiliate. KALB doesn’t serve El Dorado.

In a letter, Senior Vice President Pete Abel explains, “Over the last several years we have enjoyed a good relationship with Hoak and its stations. Unfortunately they are now asking for a great than 200 percent raise in their pay.”

He continued, “That’s not fair and not justified, especially in this economy. If our customers are not getting a 200 percent raise, neither should Hoak and its stations.”

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5 Responses to Suddenlink poised to lose KALB, KNOE and KAQY

  1. The lone reader says:

    This is a bad time for Suddenlink to play this game. If this happens it will be good to be a DishNetwork or DirectTV dealer.

  2. Ken Hamilton says:

    I wish Suddenlink would use KATV as the ABC HD channel. KAQY messes up too often. Surely both sides will work this out. It would be stupid for them not to do so. I don’t want to go to the trouble of switching to satellite but I will if I find it to be in my best interest to do so.

  3. AFM says:

    I haven’t really been pleased with Suddenlink service and their always increasing price schedule. The only Internet available where I live is Suddenlink or Satellite. Of course the obvious choice is Suddenlink, however they have you over a barrel by making you subscribe to at least the basic package when you have High-Speed Internet. I wouldn’t mind switching to Dish or Direct if it wasn’t for this.

  4. Ken Hamilton says:

    I received an email from Suddenlink stating that a deal has been struck.

  5. Amanda says:

    You do not have to have cable tv to have internet now, but I think you do get a lower price if you bundle with at least basic cable. We’ve had internet for years without cable tv.

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