Health laws, tax cuts prepared for 2012

Health seems to be on the slate for the new year with a series of laws further regulating (or all together adding) programs involving abortion, morbid obesity and carbon monoxide detectors in new homes.

Arkansas Online has a good wrap-up of the new laws set for enactment on Jan. 1 with a special look at new regulations that require facilities that offer the abortion pill to 10 or more women a month to be licensed by the state health department and abide by the department’s inspections. These requirements are the same for facilities that perform surgical abortions.

Also on the list is a tax cut for Arkansans who buy new cars starting in 2012 which is estimated to cost the state $5 million annually, low voltage carbon monoxide detectors required for homes built after Jan. 1, 2012, requirements for stat and public education systems to offer programs to diagnose and treat morbid obesity, and a law to “allow the Department of Finance and Administration to offset any tax refund due for any tax it collects against a debt for any tax administered by the state.” (Try saying that five times fast.)

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