LRNA gets new body scanner

Prepare to be scanned.

Those four words will be the closest thing to a warning passengers awaiting flights at the Little Rock National Airport will get before being sweep over, from head to toe, electronically.
However, this body scanner is a “far cry” from the other, more controversial devices, according to KATV.

Passengers began to use the “Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machine” on Friday. The new device is, according to KATV, “Not only expected to get you to your flight faster, it’s supposed to make the airport safer.”

So how does this machine work? Well, it won’t save you from having to remove your shoes and empty your pockets, but it is quick.

“A TSA agent gives you step by step directions. You walk in, place your feet on the yellow footprint, hold your hand up for three seconds and you’re asked to walk out,” the writer explained. “The screen is visible to you when you walk out; it displays the same generic body shape for everyone. It will read ‘ok’ if you’re clear to go or highlight a specific area to pat down.”

Jerry Henderson, Arkansas Federal Security Director, said passengers do have the option to decline the body scanner, but will be asked to pass through the metal detector and suffer through a detailed pat down.

“All of our passengers have the option of being patted down in private which then requires they go to a private screening room, they have two people in there. One to observe and one to do the pat down so it really save on the process,” Henderson told KATV.

The Little Rock National Airport is just one of 16 airports that have received the new device in the past few months and is expecting another in January.

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