Local family shares Christmas cheer

When the chill of winter rolls into town, many citizens turn their thoughts to Christmas time and the joy it brings to both them and their families.

Every family has its own traditions, whether it be making chicken and dumplings together for Christmas dinner or simply reading the “Night Before Christmas” in front of the fire.

Well, one Union County family has its own tradition and it consists of more than a million lights.

Members of the Agans family, located on Union Road 747, gather in the cold every year to place dozens of lighted reindeer, presents and other Christmas items in and around their front yard.

Richard Agans said he has been placing the lights in his yard for more than 20 years.

“I started doing this in 1989,” he said, indicating that different items in his yard were made from older, used things.

For example, there is a lighted carousal that used to be his granddaughter’s trampoline and a Christmas tree that used to be a windmill.

Walking through his lighted Christmas wonderland, Agans said he loved adding new pieces to his collection.

“Every year I try to add something, but I am about to run out of yard,” he said, laughing.

When it comes to Christmas lights, Agans said, “I am just a kid at heart.”

Usually, he said his wife has a vast collection of her own which includes almost 400 Santa Claus figurines.

“They come in almost every description you can think of,” he said.

He said children who come by to see the lights really seem to enjoy them.

But when your passion is Christmas lights, Agans said, the only way to afford them is to wait for the good deals which usually come after the Christmas season.

“We try to buy them after Christmas when it is marked down,” he laughed. “That thing (a Christmas mailbox) was around $100, but we got it for $50.”

Agans said he also makes a lot of the displays himself.
“A lot of this stuff, I made” he said. “As the old saying goes, a poor man has poor ways.”

The fun all started at the end of November, he said, and was only a success because of the help of his children and grandchildren.

He loves the Christmas lights so much, Agans said he couldn’t pick a favorite.

In fact, he said he has more lights, but can not find a place to put them.

However, in his opinion, Christmas would not be Christmas without his lights.

So, if you need a little Christmas cheer take a small ride out to the Agans’ home and catch the Christmas fever.

All photos also by Heather Hawley.

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