Lion Oil enacts several layoffs

A representative from Delek US Holdings, Inc., confirmed this morning that eight workers were laid off in the company’s effort to reduce “operational redundancies,” according to a release from Spokesperson Noel Ryan.

“A small reduction in employee headcount (sic) occurred yesterday at our El Dorado refinery that led to the elimination of eight positions,” he wrote. “These reductions reflect efforts to eliminate operational redundancies at El Dorado, following our recent acquisition of Lion Oil.”

Lion Oil was fully acquired by Delek in October following its majority shareholder purchase in March.

There are also rumors of a number of demotions, but nothing Delek would comment on per a policy prohibiting discussion of personnel issues.

More in tomorrow’s News-Times.

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  1. AFM says:

    Hope this isn’t just the tip of the iceberg. Between this and the upcoming loss of AHEC, this could really impact our communities more than some of the previous closures have had. I had a bad feeling about this when the refinery was sold.

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