Farm dust bill likely to stop at Senate

One of the Environmental Protection Agency’s seemingly many hands got slapped last week when the U.S. House of Representatives backed legislation that would prevent the federal agency from further regulating what amounts to farm dust.

Reps. Mike Ross (D-Prescott) and Tim Griffin (R-Little Rock) both supported that would stop the EPA from attempting to issue new regulations concerning “course particulate matter,” according to Arkansas News.

No Republican opposed the measure. Ross was reportedly one of only 33 Democrats to back the legislation.

Those who oppose the law say it would prevent the EPA — which allegedly has said it isn’t seeking to monitor farm dust — from regulating the particles that result from other large industrial operations including mining and farming.

The Senate has said it’ll shut it down. Obama said he’ll veto it.

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One Response to Farm dust bill likely to stop at Senate

  1. The lone reader says:

    They need to defund the EPA. Or massivly change the laws that it operates under. Congress shouldn’t be in a position where it has to tell the EPA what it can’t do. The EPA should be coming to Congress and asking what it can do.

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