Mothers issue wish list deadline

Fed up to here with having to employ a “shopping in the dark” attitude toward selecting their children’s Christmas gifts, frazzled mothers nationwide issued a release Wednesday, giving their offspring of all ages a Monday deadline for Christmas wish lists.

The release voiced frustration at an increasing trend toward ignoring that request — among others which ibnclude getting a haircut and doing your own laundry — that the nation’s mothers have noted in the last decade.

Pained expressions on their faces, local mothers gathered at the Union County Courthouse Wednesday to express their strong opposition to the oft-requested money and gift cards and insisted on more specific ideas for creative presents to be opened on Dec. 25.

“I can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing, ‘Mom, all I want is some money, just cash,’” said Camden mother Bonnie Hopgood whose children have both already left the roost and will be visiting in just a few weeks.

“I slave away for days at a time cleaning house and getting all the dinner fixin’s together,” she continued. “Everything is perfect and then I get that resounding answer, ‘cash.’”

The release further specified the strict deadline by explaining that Monday is the only day before the holiday’s arrival that the nation’s fathers said they will have the patience for Christmas shopping.

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