Eight-year-old boy: “My mommy, Miss Bachmann, my mommy is gay and she doesn’t need fixing.”

Gay or straight, man or woman, white, black, purple or green, pro-gay marriage or against the issue, whatever your descriptor, I think we can all admit, this took courage.

Fuller details provided by The Slate reveal that 8-year-old Elijah attended a book signing about GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann’s views on gay and lesbians.

His mother initially wanted to say something to Bachmann but when she became nervous, Elijah instead leaned close to the presidential candidate to whisper, “My mommy, Miss Bachmann, my mommy is gay and she doesn’t need fixing.”

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6 Responses to Eight-year-old boy: “My mommy, Miss Bachmann, my mommy is gay and she doesn’t need fixing.”

  1. The lone reader says:

    Takes courage from who? The Kid? He simply went and told the woman he didn’t know exactly what his mother told him to say.

    Now if he had jumped up on the table and said “my mommy is gay just like your husband” or better yet, “my mommy likes women unlike your clearly in the closet gay husband” now that would be courage and funny as hell.

  2. Admin says:

    Clearly you don’t work with children very often. Take it from my five years’ experience as a coach, kids don’t like approaching people they don’t know and generally have a hard time speaking with adults they haven’t previously met.

    However, the latter would have been AMAZING!

  3. The lone reader says:

    Really? I’ve been a father for almost 21 years now. I could have coached my son into saying funny things to just about anyone, anywhere. And I could do it on the car ride over. Kids are like Parrots.

    Find us a random kid and have him at the N-T office Friday when I come pick up my weekly water bottle. I’ll have him coming up to you saying something funny about redheads in 10 minutes.

  4. Sara says:

    Lone Reader sounds like he doesn’t want his child to think for himself. BAD DADDY!

  5. Rubi says:

    I’ve been a father for almost 24 years…they won’t stop talking! I’ve child proofed my house, but they still get in and tell me how wrong I am…about everything. Gotta love em though, they’ll be picking out my care home in a few years. I deal with adults more than kids, but have noticed that after they get comfortable around you they will often open up and want to talk about anything and everything. I have some good although old blonde jokes, might work for redheads.

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