Missing fisherman located, 7-year-old still MIA

Scanner traffic puts Union County Sheriff’s Office deputies in Calion where they’ve been searching for a missing fisherman and trying to amass enough investigators to head to Strong where a 7-year-old boy has also been reported missing.

Union County Chief Investigator Clark Burton — whose voice has been taking over the airways for the last 10 minutes or so — confirmed by phone that the fisherman has been located and loaded up.

Details on the missing 7-year-old are still sketchy, though he said he may have more in half an hour or so as investigators pack up in Calion and head to Strong.

More to come as information comes in.

UPDATE (5 p.m.): The 7-year-old was just found by investigators in Strong. Burton was unsure where tough said, “It must not have been very far because they found him pretty quick.”

More back story on the fisherman: The man tied his boat to a tree and got into a boat with another man. When the first man’s boat became untied and floated down the river, a passerby thought he’d gone overboard, Burton said.

Search and rescue found the man safely in his friend’s boat, Burton added.

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