Ted tries to fly free

Despite the promise of a pardon from becoming Thanksgiving dinner, one of the presidential flock tried to make a break for it during a ceremony in D.C. last week, according to Obama Foodorama.

“Ted,” the tom who flapped his way into the crowd only to be captured again by a Future Farmer of America student, was caught on tape as he escaped his cage and tried to pull a Houdini. All 45 pounds of Ted were then re-penned.

The tom is part of the Willmar Poultry Company’s Presidential Flock — a 35-member team of turkeys trained to stand still for pictures and other annoyances of human attention. The group was born on July 7.

As part of Thanksgiving tradition, President Obama will pardon the National Turkey — who is reportedly a much more well-behaved bird.

Photos courtesy of Obama Foodorama.

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2 Responses to Ted tries to fly free

  1. Rubi says:

    I’ve been out of touch lately, who is currently the National Turkey?

  2. Admin says:

    Liberty is the National Turkey, Peace is the alternate bird.

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