Weird day. Weird news.

Temperatures dropped more than 20 degrees today on a rainy and windy day juxtaposed to yesterday’s sunny, cloudless skies. Weird — which I believe calls for a weird news roundup for the day.

A Colorado Springs, Colo., man called the police to report a female acquaintance as a burglar when his girlfriend unexpectedly came home early, according to Police say the man called the woman, whom he had met online, to come over at around 3 a.m. Wednesday so the two could get to know each other better, but the man’s girlfriend showed up first.

A Zimbabwe man arrested for allegedly having sex with a donkey gave the simple explanation that the animal had transformed from a prostitute. The man also believes he is a donkey, according to the Huffington Post.

Sixty people dressed as Elvis simultaneously fled a Rochester, Kent hotel when the smoke machine during a charity fundraiser set off the fire alarm, according to the UK’s Mirror.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Brazilian police are trying to figure out why more than 2,600 cans of beer were delivered to a holding cell for police officers who had committed a variety of crimes.

An actress only identified as from Texas and of Asian descent, sued, Amazon for revealing her age online via, saying she is a lot younger than she looks and has been careful to keep her birth date concealed. In the million-dollar federal suit she claims she has lost work since her age was let out, also according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

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