Obama: “All troops in Iraq will be home for the holidays”

After nearly nine years and more than 4,400 American troop lives lost, President Obama announced today that all remaining troops in Iraq would be home in time for Christmas.

Following a private video conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Obama announced via a White House press conference that as promised, he would bring all troops home for the holidays, according to MSNBC.

Prior to the announcement the two leaders had been stuck between leaving several troops behind to continue organizational efforts or pulling all troops out entirely.

Despite the end to the war, Obama said the United States will have a “strong and enduring parternship” with Iraq after the pullout of the troops, according to MSNBC.

UPDATE: This Just In, by CNN, is reporting that 150 troops of the original 39,000 will remain behind to help with arms sales.

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2 Responses to Obama: “All troops in Iraq will be home for the holidays”

  1. The lone reader says:

    And when the country falls into civil war and/or Iran or some Taliban like government comes to power we have 1990 Afghanistan all over again.

    We need to leave a ready reaction force in the country large enough to support the current constitutional government that was paid for with American lives and to react to other things that happen in the region.

    We didn’t do this after WWI so we had WWII. We did do it after WWII and that is why there was never a WWIII in Europe.

  2. Ken Hamilton says:

    Time to bring all of our troops home from overseas. We can no longer afford the cost of empire building.

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