UCSO: Gunshot victim wounded by falling handgun

A Union County Sheriff’s Office deputy and investigator were dispatched to an El Dorado residence Tuesday in reference to a gun shot victim whose hidden gun fell from a cabinet and shot him in the arm upon impact, according to a UCSO report.

The man was sitting in his kitchen with a towel wrapped around the wound when the two arrived at the residence. “There was blood leading from the laundry room to the kitchen,” the deputy wrote.

The victim stated he was putting away several folded towels in a laundry room cabinet when he inadvertently dislodged a small handgun that fell to the floor. The firearm’s shot hit him in the left arm, according to the report. He stated he’d forgotten the weapon was hidden there.

An investigator said there was no evidence to support anything other than what the victim said.

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2 Responses to UCSO: Gunshot victim wounded by falling handgun

  1. The lone reader says:

    Unless it was a very old gun I say BS. Any gun made in the last 30 years doesn’t go off when dropped. And even the old ones that could go off have to land just right.

  2. fredcsanders says:

    No way.A dropped handgun made within the past 25 or so years has a block over the firing pin and unless the trigger is pulled it will not fire.This person either shot himself or someone else did,but the gun “did not” go off from being dropped….impossible.

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