Boyfriend slams vehicle into girlfriend’s house

A fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend about a cell phone sparked an accident that ended up with his car on the porch of the Strong residence, according to a report with the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

On Sunday, a deputy responded to a residence in the 3100 block of New London Road in reference to a vehicle that ran into a house. Upon arrival he observed “apparent damage to the porch areas of the residence,” and took photos of the vehicle and spinning tires. He noted no visible damage to the vehicle, according to the report.

The girlfriend stated her boyfriend spent the night at the residence. The next day the two got into a fight and “after all the threats and yelling had stopped [the boyfriend] got into the driver’s side of the vehicle … and his girlfriend got into the passenger side,” wrote the deputy.

She then told the deputy that he “backed the vehicle up, put it in drive and then stepped on the gas and ran into the porch of residence.”

The man wasn’t arrested, but was advised that he would be subject to criminal trespass if he returned, according to the report.

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