EHS tennis team pulled over for littering

After a water bottle thrown from a school bus struck a passing vehicle on a country road last week, the entire El Dorado High School tennis team was pulled over and warned for the action.

Though unsure where the incident took place, EHS Principal Jim Tucker confirmed that the incident occurred as the team was traveling back from an evening match against Benton and McClelland Tuesday evening.

Neither the Benton Police Department nor the Saline County Sheriff’s Office have a record of the incident.

Tucker said the rumor that the bus was pulled over by a platoon of law enforcement vehicles has been greatly exaggerated. He added that there was no damage done to the passing vehicle and that the water bottle wasn’t thrown with “the intent to create damage.”

The driver was not issued a ticket, however, the student is being disciplined, Tucker said. When asked if the student would be allowed to retain his or her position on the tennis team, Tucker said that would be between the student and the coach.

A big thanks to Ana Nimmus for sharing the Twitter links that turned me onto the story!

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