Semi confusion on North West, avoid if possible

A semi-truck 11 inches too tall to travel under the walkway between two churches at Main Street and North West Avenue has currently backed up traffic while El Dorado police and fire departments try to figure out how to back the truck up and reroute the driver on his way to Searcy.

According to a photographer on the scene, the driver was traveling south on North West when he discovered that his 16-foot truck wouldn’t make it under the walkway’s 15’1″ clearance.

The driver’s map originally directed him to travel south on the avenue and then turn left on Main Street traveling east out of town (likely tearing up all the trees along the way). However, the man stopped his vehicle in traffic when he realized that his truck would have torn the bridge apart.

UPDATE (3:15 p.m.): They had the semi back up enough so as to not block the fire department should the fire engine be required to respond to an emergency.

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  1. AFM says:

    The person at the permitting office for the state DOT should receive a very stern talking to for this obvious blatant goof up on their part.

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