Arkansas trails Hawaii as most drug-abusing workforce

If you thought it was Arkansas, you were wrong — Hawaii leads the nation in the largest population of workplace methamphetamine use.

Arkansas, however, follows in second.

At 280 percent greater than the national average, Arkansas is only bested by Hawaii which can boast a meth usage rate of 410 percent of the national average, according to a study of urine samples among the working public in 2010 by Quest Diagnostics, a drug testing company.

A professor quoted within a story by The Associated Press called the drug use among the workforce a “medication-assisted [effort] to get through the work day.”

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2 Responses to Arkansas trails Hawaii as most drug-abusing workforce

  1. J. Randal Harvey says:

    NO surprise.

  2. Can crusher says:

    Monster drinks work for me, less expensive and less addicting, but probably not much better for you.

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