El Dorado man arrested for kidnapping a prostitute

After realizing that the El Dorado Police Department had been notified of the possible kidnapping, Nicholas Burris, 26, of El Dorado, untied the young woman within the trunk of his vehicle and attempted to let her go.

According to the police report, he had previously paid a 35-year-old woman $20 for sex and upon completion of the act, tried to renege of their deal. He then allegedly chased her down, tied her up with his belt and pushed her into the trunk of his vehicle.

Upon sighting the police, Burris allegedly opened the trunk and tried to untie the woman, stated the report.

However, police spotted the two and quickly arrested Burris for kidnapping, aggravated assault, patronizing a prostitute, obstructing governmental operations, having no insurance, driving on a suspended driver’s license and wearing no seat belt.

His first appearance in Union County District Court is today at 1:30 p.m. See tomorrow’s News-Times for the details of his bond.

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3 Responses to El Dorado man arrested for kidnapping a prostitute

  1. Can crusher says:

    What a fool! Makes police work fun!

  2. GL717 says:

    Not wearing your seatbelt will gitcha into trouble every time. If you are planning on kidnapping a hooker, remember to buckle up!

  3. Admin says:

    Solid advice, GL717.

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