Lottery commission hires attorney to fight $100,000 IRS penalty

After being penalized nearly $100,000 for late tax deposits, the Arkansas Lottery Commission voted yesterday to fight back by hiring an attorney to start the appeal process.

According to Arkansas News, the fine followed two late deposits and mirrors similar fines from last year that were ultimately waived by the IRS.

If paid, the current fine would come out of scholarship payments.

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One Response to Lottery commission hires attorney to fight $100,000 IRS penalty

  1. The lone reader says:

    Isn’t it one of the duties of the Arkansas Attorney General’s office to defend the state agencies?

    Yep, it is

    The Attorney General is charged with many duties under Arkansas law. He is the state’s top law enforcement officer and its chief consumer advocate. Broadly, his duties include the following:

    Representing most state agencies, boards and commissions in courts of law

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