Lobbying group throws accusations at Amazon

Amazon may have taken Overstock’s lead and pulled out of Arkansas, but it looks like Arkansans aren’t having it as a small lobbying group fired back on the Internet giants claiming that they were merely trying to avoid paying taxes.

After SB 738 closed a tax loophole that allowed online sales to go heavily untaxed for years, Amazon and Overstock pulled out of the state saying that the law is unconstitutional because it forces out of state retailers to pay for an in-state service.

However, in lieu of a Wall Street Journal story, “Stand With Main Street” accuses the online retailing behemoths of thinly trying to skip out on paying sales taxes, according to the City Wire. On the accusation list is that Arkansas is a supposedly “bad state” according to a spreadsheet created by Amazon of states that sought to expand their online tax laws.

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