BHR emails reveal little “political activity” on state time

The fruits of a Freedom of Information request by the Republican Party of Arkansas revealed very little of what could be considered “political activity” on state time by former Blue Hog Arkansas writers Matthew Campbell and Jeff Woodmansee.

Jason Tolbert has the full details and the entire background which includes a long saga of frequent FOI requests by BHR and a retaliatory FOI made by the Republican Party — often embarrassed by the issues BHR uncovered.

The BHR eventually shut down after three stories by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette jumped the gun, putting the screws to the blog before the FOI documents requested by the Republican Party were ever revealed.

However, the FOI request by the Republican Party yielded little partisan activity by either man while working on taxpayers’ dimes (Campbell as a clerk at the Arkansas Supreme Court and Woodmansee as a librarian at the UALR Law Library).

Within Campbell’s emails only one could even remotely be questioned as blog work while on state time and the question was hardly partisan asking if a comma or semi-colon would be necessary in one instance, Tolbert discovered.

Woodmansee, on the other hand, did discuss the blog on occasion, according to Tolbert. However, his conversations were limited to listing the blog as a writing project and answering concerns that his political writing might ruffle some feathers.

Apparently, he should have worried a bit more.

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