EPA considers forcing fracking groups to disclose chemical components

Advocacy groups are pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to force hydraulic fracturing companies to disclose the chemicals they use to suck minerals out of the ground.

Fracking — the process by which hard rock is blasted with water and chemicals used to pull minerals locked within out of the ground — has received massive media attention based on the supposition that the chemicals may be making their way into the ground table. However, these angry words have finally been put into action via a petition filed with the EPA by California-based Earthjustice which wants the groups that manufacture the chemicals to list the fluids used and conduct toxicity tests on them, according to Bloomberg.

Earthjustice says the rush for oil and gas has led to contaminated drinking water, sickness, polluted air and dead animals. Oil companies refute the claim and say that no link has been found between fracking and tainted drinking water.

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