Monday, Monday, Monday!

For any shoppers out there looking to save some money on back to school supplies, new clothes or even electronics (as they relate to school), be sure to hit the stores this weekend in Arkansas for the sales tax holiday which Rep. Matthew Shepherd touted this morning in a press conference.

Also on the slate, the Mt. Holly post office could be looking at a permanent shutdown as part of a nationwide study of post offices that are carrying insufficient work loads, don’t have a high customer demand and have an alternative post office nearby.

The Union County Jail was hit with a surprise inspection several days ago and the report is now available. The few citations included a dish washer which wasn’t heating the dishes thoroughly enough to avoid an inevitable mold problem. According to Union County Sheriff Mike McGough, the problem has since been fixed.

The oil company that has slowly been buying up land in Union and Columbia counties was revealed during its second quarter earnings report as Southwestern Energy Co., out of Houston. So far millions of dollars have been spent acquiring approximately 460,000 acres of supposedly oil-rich land below the Smackover Formation.

Keep an eye out on the News-Times for more to come in all cases.

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