Reminder: Ignore the little voices

Despite a county-wide burn ban enacted in June, of the wildfires Arkansas Forestry Commission crews responded to last month, 27 percent were the result of debris burning.

The problem has only been exacerbated by dry conditions that have helped to shatter the average number of wildfires in the region for this time period. According to Union County Ranger Chris Ludwig, the AFC has suppressed 377 wildfires in a 3,882-acre swath since June 1. For the last 10 years the average has run around 155 wildfires in a 1,413-acre area.

The AFC continues to receive funding from the governor’s general improvement fund which has provided two single engine air tankers, both capable of carrying up to 560 gallons of water. The second came to Union County on Saturday, Ludwig said in an email.

The moral here: If little voices are telling you to burn things, do not oblige them, seek help.

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