In an odd twist on political sex scandals, an unnamed Arkansas politician was caught Tuesday checking into a nearby motel — with his own wife.

Decked out in a head handkerchief and large, black sunglasses, the identity of the woman with whom the man walked hand in hand to the entrance of a hotel in Smackover, was entirely unknown until a photo captured her face on film as the two were checking in.

A tweet by the politician late Tuesday night alerted the media to his intentions to visit the Smackover motel the next day, telling followers he was very excited for “a night with my special lady” — a woman he never identified.

Political pundits were shocked to find that the mystery woman was indeed man’s wife of 10 years.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” a Channel 10 reporter said, shaking his head as he angled his camera toward the couple, checking out Wednesday morning. “He tweeted. He showed up with a disguised woman. He checked into a flea bag motel. What were we supposed to think?”

The man, whose political career is still in its infancy and remains completely without scandal thus far, explained that he and his wife were merely enjoying a night together away from their three children when captured photographically checking into the motel.

When asked about his wife’s disguise, the freshman politician tilted his head in confusion.

“You thought I was hiding her?” he asked, confused. “She just had her eyes dilated.”

In response to a question about the tweet, he responded, “I was excited for a night with my girl. There’s no harm in that.”

In the ensuing hours, political commentators have wondered how anyone could legitimately compete with the man politically should he continue with such decent behavior.

“It won’t be about his politics anymore,” a National Enquirer reporter pointed out, adding, “What is the world coming too? Politicians having sex with their own wives?”

The reporter then lamented what she believed would be the end of her own career.

“I bet he even walks with the crosswalk and spits his gungum out in the trash!” she added. “If he drives his own vehicle, that’s it, I’m done, I have nothing left to write about.”

In other news, a potential congressional candidate for the 2012 race for our current U.S. House seat, announced an hour after the man was caught checking into the motel that he’s gay.

Though neither has announced his intention to run for the soon-to-be-open seat, polls indicate the two are now tied in the unofficial race for the congressional slot.

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4 Responses to CAUGHT!

  1. Sara says:

    Hmmm. Nice that the gay was not seen checking in with someone.
    My gosh! A gay can check into a hotel and be celibate! An epiphany El Dorado residents should embrace as a great learning experience. Keep those minds open! You’ll “get it” one of these days!

  2. arkienurse says:

    I read it as the one guy announced he was gay, shortly after the other guy was caught checking into the motel with his wife. Not that the gay was checking into the motel alone. Perhaps the author will clarify this for us..?

  3. Admin says:

    It’s intended to be that the first man checked into a motel with his wife and the second – in an attempt to be competitive – announced he’s gay.

  4. arkienurse says:

    Well at least all my reading comprehension skills haven’t *quite* left me in my old age.

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