Ross announces he won’t seek a seventh term, hints at a gubernatorial run

It appears that Rep. Mike Ross might be making his move for the governorship after his announcement this morning that he won’t run for a seventh congressional term after his current term expires at the end of 2012.

He hints at running for governor in 2014, but says he hasn’t made any specific decisions as to the possibility, only that running for governor while working in Congress would split his attention too much to do both successfully.

“I have received a lot of encouragement to run for Governor of Arkansas when Governor Beebe’s term ends in 2014. I’ve always been very upfront and honest in the fact that, as a fifth generation Arkansan, I love our state and would like very much to help lead it at some point in the future. Whether I run for Governor in 2014 is a decision I have not yet made and won’t make until sometime after my term in this Congress ends.

But I do know if I was re-elected to the U.S. Congress next year, my term in the Congress would overlap with the Governor’s race. I believe it would be impossible to successfully run for Governor here at home, while effectively carrying out my congressional duties in Washington. That wouldn’t be fair to the people who elected me to Congress and it wouldn’t be fair to my supporters in a race for Governor. That certainly factored into my decision not to seek re-election to the U.S. Congress.”

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4 Responses to Ross announces he won’t seek a seventh term, hints at a gubernatorial run

  1. The lone reader says:

    Poll idea. Ross v. Unnamed Republican.

  2. Ken Hamilton says:

    A poll for a gubernatorial race almost 3.5 years away would not mean much.

  3. James says:

    Look at his voting record and see what you think. He looks like a conservative Democrat to me. I’d probably vote for him.

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