Murphy to pay out for employees’ hearing loss

Murphy Oil will have to kick out more than $2 million to 41 plaintiffs who say the company improperly prepared them for the noisy rigors of working at the factory — an oversight that cost them their hearing.

According to Gulf Coast Maritime:

“Each of the men were exposed to loud noise in their various occupations with Murphy. They were not provided hearing protection. An expert in neuro-otology opined that each of the men suffered hearing loss for which employment with Murphy was the most significant factor.”

The court rejected Murphy’s notion that the plaintiffs should have been aware of the noise factor in their positions and the noise level at the Mereaux, La., refinery fell below federally-regulated standards of determining negligence.

The decision was upheld in the Louisiana Court of Appeals.

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2 Responses to Murphy to pay out for employees’ hearing loss

  1. The lone reader says:

    If you follow the law, in this case the federal noise standards, a company really should be protected from this sort of law suit.

  2. ArVet says:

    Again, no personal responsibility. I wonder if these guys ever heard of ear plugs.

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