By popular demand: A synopsis of Pierce’s predictions

Unfortunately, he didn’t say that anyone in El Dorado would become rich and famous, but Dr. Chuck Pierce (self-proclaimed apostle) did tell attendees Monday at the El Dorado Conference Center to “see the manifestation of what you’ve been praying for,” according to a release prepared by Dr. Ruby Green, the prayer coordinator for the state.

I’ve been praying to win the lottery, does that count?

He then got very specific and apparently the key is Arkansas… who knew? According to the release, “Dr. Pierce believes that there is a move of God that will start in Ruston, La., and move north into the south gate of Arkansas.”

Stated Pierce:

“Do not become so familiar with what God is trying to do that you miss what He is doing now. Arkansas will rise up and become a watchman for our nation. … There is a clearing out of injustice rule in the state of Arkansas and when you hear about it you will know that the nation has shifted.”

He also instructed those in attendance to watch issues arising in the government, to keep an eye out for recovery strategies (which I hope we’re all doing), and to focus on what God is doing between Israel and the rest of the world.

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3 Responses to By popular demand: A synopsis of Pierce’s predictions

  1. Ana Nimmus says:

    Thanks, I guess. Unrelated? There was a new Arkansas band on CMT this morning called Edens Edge.

  2. Admin says:

    Great tip, Ana! Their song “Amen” is very catchy!

  3. GL717 says:

    “Arkansas will rise up….”

    Obviously Dr. Chuck has never been to south Arkansas before. The only things rising up around here during the next few months will be the heat index, humidity, and mosquito population. He should revisit this rising up business once the weather gets cooler – say, around Thanksgiving. Until then I’m staying firmly planted under the A/C.

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