Apostle to shake up conference center tonight

Self-proclaimed “apostle” Chuck Pierce will make an appearance at the El Dorado Conference Center tonight at 7 p.m. where he will supposedly make a prediction about the future of El Dorado.

Here’s a little sample of his work:

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16 Responses to Apostle to shake up conference center tonight

  1. AFM says:

    Somehow I knew the video would end up asking for money. I can only imagine who invited him to our town…

  2. The lone reader says:

    If there is a a heven and hell as they are described to us, guys like this will have an especially warm corner of hell set aside for them.

  3. ArVet says:

    Who is this guy? I have never heard of him before. Sounds like a charlaton as he’s all about dollars. I can’t imagine who invited him here, for what purpose and who is paying for the rental?

  4. Admin says:

    He was invited by the Arkansas Apostolic Prayer Network and the entire event is being coordinated by Dr. Ruby Green.

    During the last Chamber of Commerce meeting she stood up and announced that Pierce would be speaking at the conference center. Green said that the last time Pierce was here he felt good vibes from El Dorado and wanted to return to make a special prediction about the city. *Insert dramatic music here*

    However, the event is free to attend so I imagine the prayer network is footing the bill for the rental and at the end he’ll probably make some pitch about needing money to complete his mission on earth.

  5. AFM says:

    I tried to ‘Google’ Arkansas Apostolic Prayer Network and came up with the website http://www.arkansasprayernetwork.org/ which is “Under Construction”. I guess that is why he has resorted to You-Tube to generate financial support. Admin, who is Dr. Ruby Green? Never heard of her.

  6. ArVet says:

    AMF: Google elijahlist, Dr Ruby Green, you’ll get to a site that tells you nothing, except “something” starts at $75.00

  7. Admin says:

    Green is the Prayer Coordinator for the State of Arkansas. My interaction with her has always been limited to chamber meetings in which she leads everyone in a prayer before the meeting begins.

  8. Ana Nimmus says:

    So what was the prediction?

  9. Admin says:

    I have a call into Green right now for more information. Maybe we’ll all become rich and famous in one fell swoop. Anyway, I’m sure whatever she tells me will inspire a blog post, if not, I’ll update the information here.

  10. Sara says:

    Do other Chambers lead their meeting with prayer or is that just an El Dorado thing?

  11. Admin says:

    I’m not sure, but I’d be willing to bet it’s an El Dorado thing. This is the first town I’ve reported on that starts any meetings with a prayer.

  12. Ken Hamilton says:

    If one Googles “city councils beginning meetings with prayer” one will see that it is not just an El Dorado thing.

  13. Admin says:

    Any ideas on other chambers, Ken?

    The idea is totally foreign to me, none of the meetings I went to in Arizona started with a prayer or invocation, and here nearly all of them do.

  14. Ken Hamilton says:

    Salt Lake City; Ashland, WI; Burbank, CA; Lodi, CA; Houston, TX; Woodruff, SC – these are examples. I don’t know if these still do so as there has been controversy about them doing so.

  15. Ana Nimmus says:

    So we’re never gonna know the prediction? :(

  16. Admin says:

    Green got back to me but didn’t want to go over it on the phone, she was supposed to type up a synopsis and get it to me at the paper yesterday, but never brought it by. I was quite disappointed, I was hoping to hear that El Dorado is going to become the new New York complete with shows and shopping.

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