“Billy Blythe” makes debut in New York

An operatic rendition of a day in the life of a teenaged Bill Clinton made a debut this weekend in New York City under the title “Billy Blythe.”

The creator of the opera was reportedly inspired by Clinton’s biography, according to USA Today.

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4 Responses to “Billy Blythe” makes debut in New York

  1. The lone reader says:

    Will they have the El Camino with the Astro Turf in the bed in the play?

  2. Admin says:

    Oh I hope so.

  3. The lone reader says:

    I can here the lyrics already…

    I have an El Camino that all the girls adore.
    I have astro turf in the back because I’m a man wh^%&.

    When I grow up I won’t need it any more.
    I’ll be using a cigar behind a locked oval office door.

  4. The lone reader says:

    And yes I know the word is hear not here.

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