Study: Arkansas has least educated Legislature

Good news guys, we’re number one!

Bad news, it’s for having the least education statehouse nationwide, according to a study by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Of Arkansas’ 135 legislators (many who make $100,000-plus for their legislative positions), 25 percent have had no formal college experience at all, as compared to the national average of 9 percent.

Specifically, 60.4 percent of our state legislators have received, at the very least, a bachelor’s degree, whereas the national rate is approximately 75 percent. However, the legislators are still far beyond the general Arkansan where 53 percent of the population has no college education and only 13 percent has received a bachelor’s degree.

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4 Responses to Study: Arkansas has least educated Legislature

  1. Can crusher says:

    I’m all for higher education, if thats what you want to do with your life, but I don’t believe Bill Gates went to college and he changed the world!

  2. Admin says:

    Wonder if we could get him to move to Arkansas, maybe boost our numbers a bit…

  3. The lone reader says:

    I’d like to see a study on the percentage of members od our state legislature (and federal for that matter) that have successfully started and run a business. Being last in that would concern me.

    Of the Forbes Top 10, three didn’t complete college and four are Walton heirs and so the money was really made by someone that didn’t either.

  4. Mark B says:

    Most members of Congress do have a college education and they still don’t read bills. They still text dirty pictures from their offices. And they still are more worried about their jobs than they are ours.

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