Diamonds are a reporter’s best friend

A $1.5 million natural blue diamond just made its way out of El Dorado after two armed guards dropped it off at a jewelry store in town several hours ago.

All the way from Tel Aviv, the jewel is currently en route to an out-of-state investor who went through an El Dorado jeweler after nearly a year of searching passed in vain.

Approximately the size of a pencil eraser, the diamond is valuable for its rarity as there is no way to know how many of them exist, the jeweler said.

For security reasons I can’t reveal who the jeweler is until he and the diamond are well out of town, but make sure to see tomorrow’s News-Times for the full story.

Oh, and I did — of course — hold it in my hand.

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4 Responses to Diamonds are a reporter’s best friend

  1. Can crusher says:

    I found gold in a bag of Halloween once! Oh wait, that was a filling that came out of my broken tooth…Isn’t there a place in Arkansas where you pay to do your own mining? I thought I read about it somewhere…gotta learn to Google I guess.

  2. Can crusher says:

    Was supposed to type “Halloween candy”, but can’t type any better than I can Google!

  3. AFM says:

    The only public access mining I know of in Arkansas is the Crater of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro. The finder of any gem stone (including diamonds) is able to keep them after they have found them within the boundaries of the park.

  4. Can crusher says:

    Crater of Diamonds, that’s the place, thanks. Maybe a good followup story would be if a certain blogger/reporter would go dig and find a $1.5 mil diamond. That would be a story!

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