Sadly, this is not a Satire Wednesday post

After 21 years in which he brought a plethora of experience and knowledge to the paper, Weekend Editor Rod Harrington will be leaving the News-Times for a position in Springdale, Ark., with the Democrat-Gazette.

The news spread quickly after he gave notice that this week would be his last and already everyone seems to agree, the News-Times will be losing a valuable member.

Rod is a regular renaissance man who not only lays out pages, writes a wonderful entertainment column each week and has more knowledge of the industry than most of us will gain in a lifetime, he’s also the guy who comes in each day with a new story and always cares enough to ask for updates in everyone’s lives.

Personally, I’ll miss the guy who would lean his head into my cubicle with a story that always began with, “Hey, did you hear about what’s happening in Phoenix now?” It was comforting in my first days here to have a former Phoenician and Arizona State alum circulating the newsroom as well.

From one Sun Devil to another, congratulations and good luck in Springdale, Rod!

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2 Responses to Sadly, this is not a Satire Wednesday post

  1. Can crusher says:

    Arizona State!!!!??? University of Arizona all the way!!! Actually, I’m now an Arkansas fan, go figure! After graduating over 30 years ago, I’ve gradually begun to accept that it doesn’t matter where you graduated from or if you even went to college, if you are happy with your life, thats what counts. Do what makes you feel good as long as you don’t step on someone elses toes. GO WILDCATS!!! Mr. Harrington, have a great time!

  2. Alex says:

    We will sure miss him!

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