Filling up: Prices at the pump decline (slightly)

A slow decline in gas prices, though untrustworthy, is currently under the watchful national eye as the countrywide average dropped two dimes per gallon of regular unleaded in the last month from $3.96 to $3.76 today, according to AAA.

Some numbers that might boggle the mind:

• Hurricane Katrina contributed to the highest national average for regular unleaded on July 17, 2008, at $4.11. Imagine sitting in the car waiting to fill up at the gas station across the street for a few cents less (although that may be similar to last week’s gas battle in Calion).

• The last time the national average was below $2 was in 2004 when it was listed at $1.88 per gallon of unleaded regular before a jump to $2.30 in 2005, according to the 2011 Statistical Abstract.

• According to the Census abstract, the oldest data available is for 1990 when unleaded regular cost $1.16, a full dime more than 1998 when the lowest price was listed at $1.06 per gallon of unleaded regular.

In our area the cheapest gas is listed at Brookshire’s, the Hurryback on N. West and Grove, Day & Night, Rainbow Food Mart and E-Z Mart at $3.58. The lowest price per gallon statewide was spotted at a Valero in Hot Springs at $3.29.

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4 Responses to Filling up: Prices at the pump decline (slightly)

  1. AFM says:

    I paid $3.29 Sunday in Hot Springs at the Exxon @Central and Higdon Ferry. Good thing I bought it there because when I got home it was STILL $3.59 all over town. I get so aggravated at the fact stores in other nearby towns, whom most get their gas HERE, can pay transportation costs and still sell it for $0.30 less!

  2. Reader says:

    I drove by the Valero in Calion last night and it was $3.29

  3. Admin says:

    I agree AFM, it’s completely ridiculous that though gas is manufactured here by a far greater rate than the majority of the state, we still have to pay a higher price at the pump to fill up. A Murphy gas station would be a help but antiquated “gentlemen’s agreements” still keep that option shut out.

  4. Can crusher says:

    I’ve heard that the US produces more than enough gas to support our consumption, but we export to several other nations because of the profit. I don’t know what the answer is because I want a power car and a 4×4, but neither get good mileage. I guess it’s a decision everyone needs to make, food, rent or RPM.

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